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Length: 11:36
Rated Mature by 4 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

When Grace catches a fan stalking around her farm, she decides to give him exactly what he's been asking for. Poor guy learns that no one can withstand over 100 powerful strikes from the legs and fists of this sadistic Black Belt beauty. This is Grace's longest and most brutal video to date. Can you count precisely how many blows she delivers, and guess which was the most painful? Share your thoughts below!

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by tamakeri  
The stuff Dreams are made of. Will definitely tide me over until my beloved Lady X strikes again hopefully. ()
by Jedi419  
Great to have Grace back! Hope we get unlucky lew 3 ()
by blakkghozt  
All your blows were intense with great one liners ( +1)
by blakkghozt  
It's my favorite recent video to date. The first time I couldn't finish a video because of the length but I love it because of the quality of the beatdown. ( +1)
by bigaction  
Wow! I count 125 groin shots with several of the hardest ever from Grace. The most painful had to be the split punch at 7:01 or the final knees. Have mercy! ( +1)
by eight123  
In my opinion, his reactions aren't realistic enough. He sounds and looks like someone being shocked by a taser in a cartoon, instead of someone taking serious damage from strikes. The robot voice killed the vibe too, would’ve been more authentic if grace were speaking in the scene itself. ( -2)