• Shahrazad lol... The girl killed it this time >> Intimidator
  • OH man... Here is the video I loved. what a fight... She had a really attractive body! I am so glad... >> Drop In
  • Best meet-up introduction huh? The kicks whoa...awesome. >> Coming Home
  • You don't celebrate on a war front until you have gained victory...My girls cracked those bones lol >> Savage Sisters
  • Indeed love is deadly, man, see what you got yourself into! Be faithful!! >> Death Do Us Part
  • @RafiqDaMan I agree with you. They killed the fight episode, it was realistic as it could be. Kudos! >> Death Do Us Part
  • The man was good but he need more training to fight with her! >> Intimidator
  • He thought he can run away from her! Poor guy. >> Take Me Out Bonus
  • Wow.. what a realistic fight episode! Good job deadlygrace! >> Death Do Us Part
  • @BoldButterfly It's the kicks for me, she can sure bring down an army. I love her already. >> Coming Home
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